A crossroads of cultures and oriental cuisines but also a bridge between the past, the present and the future of a historic place in Florence. This is One Night in Beijing Fusion Bar & Restaurant. The name is inspired by the title of a famous song by a well-known rock band in China, which combines the traditional singing typical of Chinese opera with contemporary rock. One Night in Beijing tells of a love story in the fascinating atmosphere of Beijing's night. And the same charm that is found in the room where you can spend time relaxing, tasting refined dishes or simply having a drink letting yourself be seduced by the oriental charm. From the Rotonda dei Barbetti to One Night in Beijing Fusion Bar & Restaurant. Even today, the original structure of the building is clearly visible: from the metal structure placed both on the ground floor and on
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Cocktail Bar
A proposal full of cocktails, from the most traditional to those of oriental inspiration. All drinks can be accompanied by an aperitif cocktail or a selection of à la carte tastes for a quick meal or after dinner. At the "One Night in Beijing" Fusion Bar & Restaurant Aperitif Cocktail every night, excellent drinks with an oriental flavor, refined and delicious. The aperitif will be accompanied by a selection of fusion cuisine, inspired by Chinese, Japanese and Italian.
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Sushi Bar
Interesting proposals of the Sushi Bar where even the typical dishes such as uramaki, nigiri, sashimi and gunkan sushi are proposed with new ingredients. Do not miss the carpaccio of meat and fish, beef carpaccio and quail eggs, or the Mazara red shrimp tartare with avocado sauce in tartare sauce. While among the uramaki, "hot salmon", a roll of rice with salmon tartare, mayonnaise of the house, onions and covered with salmon flambè, or the vegetarian, with avocado, mango and seaweed with mango sauce and pistachio nuts. “SUSHI BAR” SPECIAL MENU € 25 per person:- Wakame (Japanese algae)- Edamame (Japanese string beans)- Mixed sashimi (8 pieces)- Uramaki (8 pieces)- Hossomaki (4 pieces)- Mixed Nigiri (8 pieces)- A Sakè
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The Menu
Gourmet cuisine, selection of special products, fresh pasta and sauces made by hand, attention to detail, organic meats, the quality of our philosophy. A fusion cuisine because chefs come from different regions and their dishes are a skilful mix of tradition and innovation. Like, for example, sake clams, clams cooked in saucepan with sake, duck with mango, duck with fresh mango and mango sauce or long jing shrimp, prawns cooked with long jing tea in chicken broth, a wide selection of fresh sushi and tartare and much more, for all palates, from delicate flavors to the spiciest and spicy ones.
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April 2018 – Sushi Bar Opening
On the ground floor of the restaurant, starting from April 1st, the Sushi Bar awaits you every night, with an excellent selection of sushi with a fixed menu – SPECIAL “SUSHI BAR” MENU – € 25 per person – Post navigation
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30 April 2018 – Florence Cocktail Week – One week in Beijing
At 8.30 pm tasting dinner. An event organized by the One Night restaurant in Beijing in collaboration with Florence Cocktail Week 2018, the first and most important week in Italy dedicated to mixology, which returns to Florence from 30 April to 6 May. The menu includes: Welcome drink: Orangoji Appetizers: Beijing salad Browse shrimp and avocado Drink: Spicy Dream Selection of mixed Sushi First: Beijing pasta Drink: Zen me Second: Sea bass rolls Drink: K9 Old fashioned Sweet: Drink: Black gold with sweet surprise Dinner only by advance booking – limited places Price: 40 euros per person The evening will
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April 2018 – One Night in Beijing ospite di Leonardo Romanelli alla Mostra dell’Artigianato
In occasione della 82ma edizione della Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato, che si terrà a Firenze dal 21 aprile al 1 maggio 2018, One Night in Beijing Fusion Bar & Restaurant parteciperà ai cooking show e degustazioni organizzati dal critico enogastronomico, giornalista e sommelier Leonardo Romanelli al piano attico del padiglione Spadolini. Domenica 22 aprile alle ore 15 gli chef del One Night in Beijing prepareranno e presenteranno alcuni piatti della cucina fusion orientale mentre sabato 28 aprile sempre alle 15 i due bar tender del locale Fabio Graffi e Lapo Guarducci si cimenteranno nella preparazione di alcuni cocktail che faranno scoprire
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Fingiamo che non sia lunedì e festeggiamo come fosse venerdì! Salute!🍹🥂

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